Chris Singleton

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"Casting a vast net covering everything from baggy to glam to electro-pop, Singleton's sprightly power pop and lyrics ensure he's never less than genial company" - Q Magazine

"With a fantastic production that soundchecks everyone from Lou Reed to Madchester, Lady Gasoline is full of musical depth and packed with sure-fire radio hits"– Music Week

"One of the most promising songwriters to surface this year." – Clash Magazine

"Lady Gasoline is unashamedly in thrall to the past, littered with faithful evocations of raunchy glam-rock, pulsating electro-pop and even the odd ballad that would probably shift millions…This is a fine album. ****’ – Sunday Business Post

"Some of the best pop/rock you are likely to hear this or any year" – Irish Times

"Sharp pop that spans the ages from Lou Reed through Talking Heads and David Bowie to Neil Finn and his favoured Beatles." – The Daily Express

"Very well recorded and mixed – and extremely enjoyable" – Steve Rooke, Beatles mastering engineer

"A post-punk power-pop belter with stylistically diverse crafted songs that trade on wit as well as melody…Chris could rock planet earth" – Dubliner Magazine

"Cracking, commercial tunes." - Irish Independent

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